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Steven Hendren has created or edited audio for several games and apps.




For MEDL Mobile, inc.

Here are some of the apps I worked on while working for MEDL Mobile, inc.



DJ Pauly D - Beat That Boardwalk!-


Mobile game: A retro-styled endless runner game featuring DJ Pauly D.

contribution- 8-bit sound effects and music loop editing


Greedy Jump-


Mobile game: A fun and addictive endless jumping game.

contribution- sound effects and music for hidden 8-bit mode


Honey Badger Don't Care-


Mobile game: Game based on the Honey Badger meme, featuring voice-over by Randall.

contribution- editing of previously recorded voice-over


Journey to Real Madrid-


Mobile game: An officially licensed game based on the legendary Real Madrid Football team.

contribution- sound effects and music (rock remix of "A La Madrid")


Seoul Runner-


Web game: A runner-style game created for MNET America.

contribution- sound effects and music


Uncle Sarah-


Mobile app: An entertaining children's app starring Sarah Silverman.

contribution- video clip editing, sound effects, and supplemental voice-over



These projects are either © Medl Mobile, inc. or the rights belong to the person/property with whom the app is associated.



Original content © Steven Hendren, unless otherwise noted.


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