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Here are links to some of Steven's music projects.




The Syntax Sin Tax Logo


The Syntax Sin Tax is a chiptune music project that utilizes classic video game systems such as the NES and Game Boy to create energetic, retro-sounding tunes.


Current Releases

'You Can't Tear Down a Feeling' cover


New Chip Smell


Single- released January 18, 2017

From the "You Can't Tear Down A Feeling:

A Chiptune Tribute To The Smell" sampler.


Cover artwork by 8bitLA

Layout by Kevyn and Monique Martinez

Photography by Emi Spicer

The Syntax Sin Tax's "Eucatastrophe" Cover




Full length album- released August 11th, 2015

Cover artwork by Steven Hendren







Chiptunes = Win Vol. 2 Cover


Shadow Mainframe


Single- released July 15, 2013

From the "Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 2" sampler.


Cover artwork by

Nate Horsfall

The Syntax Sin Tax's "Danger Time" Cover


Danger Time


EP- released June 2nd, 2013

Cover artwork by Steven Hendren




The Syntax Sin Tax's "From Which Was Wrought..." Cover


From Which Was Wrought...


EP- released February 28th, 2013

Cover artwork by Steven Hendren


The Syntax Sin Tax's "Ultrasonic Blue" Cover


Ultrasonic Blue


Full length album- released January 30th, 2013

Cover artwork by Steven Hendren





In Memory's Wake



An inventive mix of progressive rock, metal, and chiptune elements

In Memory's Wake is a collaboration of Steven Hendren and Christopher Bright.



Current Discography

"In Memory's Wake" Cover


In Memory's Wake


Self-titled EP- released March 15th, 2013


Album artwork by MIchael "Either" Ardrey at



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