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The Syntax Sin Tax

The Syntax Sin Tax Wanderings cover

The Syntax Sin Tax is a chiptune/heavy metal project that mixes retro synthesizer sounds with a variety of rock, metal, and progressive rock guitar styles. Synths used in this project include authentic retro video game hardware such as the Nintendo Famicom (the Japanese version of Nintendo's NES) and the Nintendo Game Boy. All songs are written to be capable of being played live using authentic 8-bit hardware.

Famicom with EPROM cartridge

The Syntax Sin Tax Bandcamp linkVisit The Syntax Sin Tax's Bandcamp page

The Syntax Sin Tax Facebook linkVisit The Syntax Sin Tax's Facebook page

The Syntax Sin Tax Twitter linkVisit The Syntax Sin Tax's Twitter

The Syntax Sin Tax website linkVisit The Syntax Sin Tax's website

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In Memory's Wake

The Syntax Sin Tax Eucatastrophe cover

In Memory's Wake is a synthesizer/heavy metal collaboration with Christopher Bright. In contrast to The Syntax Sin Tax, this is a studio project, freed from the need to perform the songs in a live setting. With this in mind, it makes much greater use of a larger array of instruments, sounds, and tonalities.

In Memory's Wake Bandcamp linkVisit the Bandcamp page for In Memory's Wake

In Memory's Wake linkVisit the Facebook page for In Memory's Wake

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MEDL Mobile

Here is a sample of projects I developed audio for while working at MEDL Mobile, an iOS and Android app developer:

Journey to Real Madrid

A licensed mobile game based on the Real Madrid football team. My contributions to the project included sound effects, as well as a remix of the Real Madrid theme.

Real Madrid web page linkSee more information about this app

DJ Pauly D. - Beat That Boardwalk!

A retro-styled endless runner game featuring DJ Pauly D. of Jersey Shore. My contributions include 8-bit sound effects.

DJ Pauly D web page linkVisit the iTunes app page

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