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This is the "Eucatastrophe cover for The Syntax Sin Tax" album cover page.

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The Syntax Sin Tax Album artwork thumbnail

This is the album artwork for The Syntax Sin Tax's 2019 album, "Wanderings." Since I devised this release as a story/theme album with a strong narrative in mind, I put a large amount of effort into creating accompanying artwork that would do that vision justice. The entire artwork package is available as a digital download included with the album's purchase on Bandcamp, as a free download on the The Syntax Sin Tax's official website, or at this link.


The Syntax Sin Tax Wanderings cover

The album cover was designed to depict the weathered journal of a character named The Wanderer, which the songs on the album are about. The collected songs chronicle the path of The Wanderer as they are drawn on a mysterious journey, guided by an unknown force to an unknown destination. The booklet also contains a series of digital-paint vignettes, each of which represent one of the tracks and depict the stages of the journey as it progresses.


Warning Digipaint Artwork

Alarm Digipaint Artwork

Nocturne Digipaint Artwork

Daybreak Digipaint Artwork

Energized Digipaint Artwork

Resolved Digipaint Artwork

Immersed Digipaint Artwork

Negation Digipaint Artwork

Garden Digipaint Artwork

Somnolence Pt.1 Digipaint Artwork

Somnolence Pt.2 Starflight Digipaint Artwork


The artwork package also contains a map that depicts The Wanderer's overall journey, and this map also doubles as the album's tracklist.

Wanderings Album Map with Lyrics



For more information on The Syntax Sin Tax, visit the audio page.

The Syntax Sin Tax Wanderings Album Artwork PackageDownload the album artwork package (.zip format)

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