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About Steven Hendren

Steven Hendren is a graphic artist, graphic designer, videographer, audio engineer, and musician located in Southern California. As a multimedia jack-of-all-trades, he always strives to improve his creative craft, communicating ideas through whatever means best suit the message.

Some might describe him as something of a renaissance man. In truth, his interests in orchestral music tend to skew more towards the later eras. In his opinion, if it ain't Baroque, don't fix it.

Oh yes, puns. He should have probably warned you about the puns, especially when it comes to music. Hopefully his attempts at humor are sharp enough that they don't fall flat.

In all seriousness, it is Steven's goal to imbue his work with wit, cleverness, humor, and joy whenever possible. In his experience, this can often be what pushes a project from good to great or from excellent to amazing. He's also found that this positive attitude can be a catalyst for the creativity of others, inspiring them to do their best. Whether it be friends, coleagues, or a potential audience, it is his hope that he can spark the imaginations of others through everything he creates.

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